Asian Adventures by Designer Ian Lovecraft

japanese castle
Asian Adventures is a collection of premium 3D models designed for use in tabletop and roleplaying games.
These models are only offered for sale by a handful of dealers worldwide and are therefore rarities.
The designer is Ian Lovecraft from whom we obtained the rights to sell the models. This is what Ian says about the campaign:
In this campaign we will look at aspects of Asian culture, mainly Chinese and Japanese culture, but also from neighboring cultures such as Thailand, Korea and Vietnam. I have chosen a period of time when these two nations came head to head, although it was a Mongol hero who led China against the Land of the Rising Sun. To increase the selection of interesting models, we've shamelessly shuffled and shuffled dynasties to offer the best models that have great stories loosely based on real events.

We are officially licensed to sell physical prints of the models.
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