Here you will find a beautiful collection of handmade bracelets.
Each bangle is handcrafted from resin and is unique.
Please note that this jewelry is handmade with a lot of love and care, which means that each piece of jewelry has its own individual look!
The images accompanying the items are WYSIWIG, so what you see is what you are buying!
It is important that you measure the circumference of your hand so you know if the bracelet will fit! And so it goes:

Each hand has its greatest circumference at the point of the base of the thumb. This is where you put a tape measure.
The tape measure now around the slightly curled hand - as if you would want to slip into a bracelet.
Bring the measuring tape to the base of your thumb and read where the parts of the measuring tape meet.

For example, if the circumference is 68mm, a bangle with an inner diameter of 64mm will not fit - unless you cut off your thumb, which we don't want to go that far :)
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