Time for Dark Angels

Dark Angels Army Set

The greatest exemplars amongst the mysterious and unyielding Dark Angels are the Deathwing. Each a skilled veteran, they are led by heroes of a thousand battles, clad in Terminator armour and hefting powerful weapons taken from the Chapter’s most sacred armouries.

Belial, Grand Master of the Deathwing, commands 15 Terminators. Ten of these are existing mulit-part Terminators, accessorised in classic Deathwing style with two new Dark Angels upgrade frames, while the other five are the indomitable Deathwing Knights, unstoppable juggernauts armed with mighty heirloom weapons. 

The box also contains Codex Supplement: Dark Angels, a 96-page book containing the rules and background for the Dark Angels, and featuring a unique cover. You also get 20 datasheet cards covering every unit in the Codex Supplement and two transfer sheets with over 200 transfers each.
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Codex: Leagues of Votann German
The Kin are a clone race of resilient and pragmatic warriors, who together form the ancient Leagues of Votann. Massed into mighty Oathbands, they emerge from the stellar tumult of the galactic core to conquer worlds, claim resources, and lay waste to any who threaten their Holds.

The Leagues employ advanced technologies in trade, industry, and warfare alike – riding to battle aboard rugged and powerful armoured vehicles, and wielding weapons that channel the fundamental forces of the cosmos. Their natural resilience is augmented by powerful force fields and formidable body armour, as well as the remarkable cloneskeins that lace their engineered bodies. Yet their greatest asset is their sheer indomitable will – unfaltering and level-headed, each warrior considers their comrades to be family, and would gladly face any peril in order to keep them safe. The Leagues know that their Ancestors are watching – and will endure any hardship or face any foe rather than fail in their duties.

This comprehensive book is a must-have guide for those who collect and play the Leagues of Votann. It contains all the rules needed to play a Leagues of Votann army – including the most prominent of the individual Leagues – along with dutifully-recorded background lore detailing the nature of the Ancestor Cores, the structure of Kin society, and the recent push from out of the galactic core.

Inside this 104-page hardback book, you'll find:
– In-depth background information revealing the history, culture, and military practices of the Leagues of Votann
– Astounding artwork showcasing the technology and society of this stunning new faction
– All the rules you need to play a Leagues of Votann army, including datasheets for all-new units, Skeinwrought psychic powers, Customs for the various Leagues, and more
– Rules for Crusade campaigns and narrative games that allow you to gather rare resources and pursue bitter grudges
– An 'Eavy Metal showcase featuring superbly-painted Citadel Miniatures, demonstrating the range of colours and heraldry employed by the Leagues
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Paint set: Tomb Kings
This Set contains:
1x Wraithbone (400ml Grundierspray)
1x Mephiston Red (12ml Base)
1x Caledor Sky (12ml Base)
1x Abaddon Black (12ml Base)
1x Retributor Armour (12ml Base)
1x Rakarth Flesh (12ml Base)
1x Carroburg Crimson (18ml Shade)
1x Drakenhof Nightshade (18ml Shade)
1x Nuln Oil (18ml Shade)
1x Agrax Earthsahde (24ml Shade)
1x Astrogranite (24ml Technical)
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The Great Slaughter Cards
Thousand Sons: Azhek Ahriman (31-09)
  • A potent psychic HQ choice for Thousand Sons armies of the Legiones Astartes
  • Foretell the future to outwit your enemies and guide your Legionaries
  • The iconic Chief Librarian of the XV Legion in the days of the Horus Heresy
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Solar Auxilia: Support
While the Solar Auxilia are famed for the quality of their infantry and tanks, their fire support companies are invaluable when confronting tougher targets.
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Unleash fiery destruction and annihilate enemy vehicles with the combined power of the Malcador Infernus and Valdor Tank Destroyer heavy tanks.
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The Great Slaughter
Fight the most brutal battles of the Horus Heresy at epic scale with The Great Slaughter, the first campaign expansion book for Legions Imperialis.
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The Space Marines of the Horus Heresy also adopted the Rapier platform for their own support firepower, and deployed talons of dreadnoughts for long-range fire and close combat.
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