Fantasy Colours from Coat d'Arms

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Welcome to the Coat D'Arms Color Palette

Blackhat Miniatures Coat d'arms are water based acrylic paints manufactured in the UK by HMG Paints who also make the P3 and Foundry colours. They are suitable for all styles and therefore for fantasy miniatures as well as for historical armies. Coat d'arms colors can be used on plastic, resin and metal miniatures. There are a total of 150 colors in the range, which are sold in 18ml containers.

Coat d'arms are the classic in the field of miniature game figure painting, but over time they have been somewhat forgotten and pushed out by other manufacturers.

Coat d'arms colors are divided into three categories:

Fantasy (clear and strong colors)
Military (matte colors)
WW2 (Choice of specific colors for 1940s units
41 to 48 (from a total of 78)